Iran Visa

There are 13 types of visas in Iran, most notably political visas, pilgrimages, visas, visas for sports events, student visas, work visas (special airline, train, etc.), visas for journalists and business visas. Of course, Iran’s visa is issued to business experts and foreign nationals. In this article, we try to familiarize you with your loved ones with the visa procedure of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so stay tuned to us.

  • Iran visa

Visa is a document issued to people traveling to different parts outside of the internal borders. Anyone needing a visa to enter another country needs to obtain a visa before leaving and traveling to that country.

In other words, the name of the visa is a visa, which is less commonly used, and the word “visa” is often used in the public domain. This name is derived from English. Iran visas are the same as other countries of the world with a validity of 6 months and staying for at least 6 months. Of course, every country makes a series of laws and regulations for obtaining its own visa, which Iran is no exception to. Iran’s visa application also has certain rules and regulations that will be followed up.

  • The law of obtaining a visa in Iran

Purpose of The law in this section is the same as the policies that Iran imposes on foreigners. Of course, these laws and procedures are not the same for all countries, and obtaining Iranian visas for each nation and each country is different.

Such as the issue of a visa for an American citizen may take several months, however, there are countries that can enter Iran without a visa without having to obtain a visa, and they can only enter Iran with a passport for six months, namely Lebanon, Georgia , Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Azerbaijan. Of course, staying and stopping in Iran for these seven countries is a diplomatic agreement between these countries.

  • Iran visa types

In general, Iran provides for 13 foreign visa types for foreign tourists.

  • For all athletes
  • For tourists and tourists from different countries in the world
  • Iran visa for pilgrims from different countries of the world
  • Political visas issued to government and political authorities.
  • Student visas for those who are willing to study in Iran.
  • A work visa is for those who want to enter Iran to work.
  • Travel crew visas such as flight attendants, train staff and public transport
  • Visas for journalists, photographers and journalists who enter Iran to cover Iranian news.
  • Business visas are reserved for those who are willing to do business in Iran.
  • Iran visa for experts and businessmen who have arrived in Iran for a certain period of time.
  • Visa for marriage in Iran
  • Visas for foreign nationals who intend to return to their country and must return to Iran within three months.
  • A visa is for residents who do not intend to return after leaving Iran.

  • Documents required for obtaining a visa from Iran

The following documents are required for obtaining a visa from the following individuals that individuals must provide and provide for the purpose of obtaining the said items.

  • A color scan from the traveler’s passport to Iran, which should be completely clear.
  • Scan a color photograph of a traveler with dimensions of 4 * 6
  • Scan the profile page that is different for each country. In other words, scanning the first page of the ID of the person traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Completion of the online form and delivery to the Iranian embassy
  • The time of the embassy of Iran from the embassy of Iran and providing the necessary documents for obtaining a visa to Iran

  • How to get a visa from Iran

In general, there are two ways to get a visa for Iran, which we will discuss.

  1. A. Each individual is sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran individually and thereafter, completing documents and signing a pledge on the entry of a foreign person. In this case, you have to follow the terms and conditions that apply to obtain a visa from Iran.

B– Acting through the travel agencies they have received. Of course, it is suggested that you choose the second option for the convenience of working and the rapid progress of obtaining a visa for Iran.

  • Tips on getting a visa from Iran


  • The long-term visa of Iran includes a three-month, six-month and one-year visa, which is very suitable for some people.
  • The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully free to issue or refuse to issue a visa to Iran.
  • The credibility of Iran’s visas is 90 days, which allows people to stay in Iran for thirty days.
  • You must apply for a visa to stay in Iran for more than thirty days.
  • Iranian visa holders are required to comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • The long-term visa rules of Iran

Long-term visas are another type of visa that is usually issued to people who travel to Iran for work. The visas of Iran are issued in a long-term manner in accordance with the number of trips of individuals in past years with various credits.

Of course, this profile also depends on the country. Long-term visas of Iran are presented in the form of a quarterly, six-month and one-year period. Iran’s long-term visa is suitable for people who travel a lot to Iran, because it saves both at the time and at the expense of individuals. For long-term visas, people are also required to submit the documents that they will continue to describe.

 Required documents for obtaining a long-term visa for Iran

If a person wants to stay in Iran for a number of reasons for a long time, he needs to provide evidence of his long-term visa. Required documents for obtaining a long-term visa are as follows.

  • The letter of request of the company with the stamp as well as the header of the company and the reasons for inviting the person should be presented.
  • A color-quality scan sample from the front of the passport of the person who intends to stay in Iran
  • A copy must be provided from all pages of the passenger’s passport.
  • A colorful and full color image and image of the host will be provided.

  • Iran visa for tourists and tourists to this country

For people who arrive in Iran as tourists or tourists, a tourist visa is issued, with the necessary documents for obtaining a visa for them in the long run as follows.

  • In the official newspaper, the program should provide the latest developments and changes in the company.
  • A quality copy as well as a color from the front page of the person’s name of the invitee (host) must be provided.
  • Information on the personal profile of the invitee as well as his biography.
  • It is essential to provide the address of the workplace and home with the contact numbers.
  • A color scan from the personal passport that is invited.
  • Provide a national identification number of the inviter and a copy of his national card.

Since Iran is a full-scale tourist destination with four-seasons, there are those who tend to travel to Iran in the short run. They have to go to Iran’s embassies in different countries to take visas to Iran and take the necessary steps to obtain a visa from Iran.

  • How to extend a visa to Iran

If foreigners, for various reasons, tend to stay in Iran for a longer period, they should, according to their terms and conditions, renew their visas. To extend the Iranbide visa, visit the police of the foreigners in your city of residence and, with a passport with the host, go to the office and carry out the relevant work to extend the visa to Iran. Experts at these centers can help travelers and foreigners to extend their visas.

  • Getting a visa for several countries

With the follow-up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travelers and tourists from different countries of the world can apply for Iranian visas at airports in Iran. Of course, countries like America, Colombia, Britain, Canada, Bangladesh, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Jordan and Iraq will have to visit the Iranian Consulate in their countries before they can enter Iran and receive a visa from Iran.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued regulations for certain countries, including the issue of obtaining various visas that individuals can obtain from the Iranian consulates in the country of origin.

  • Tips provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a visa for Iran


  • To travel to the economic regions of Iran, including Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar, get a 14-day visa.
  • Citizens of all countries can enter the country of the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing a passport and valid residence permit and obtaining a visa to Iran. The trip must comply with all laws and regulations of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • People under the age of 18 must also apply for a visa to Iran.
  • Foreign nationals wishing to visit Iran after having resided in economic areas can be required to obtain a visa by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Persons who are willing to go to other free zones and do not go through this route personally from land, air and sea, must go through one of the Iranian agencies.

  • Getting Iran Visa for Business Activities

The Iranian business visa is issued to nationals traveling to Iran for business purposes as a business visa or business visa. You must take seven steps to get a business visa for Iran, which is as follows.

  • In the first step, you must complete the profile of the invitee or the host.
  • In the second step, the completion of the guest or business profile form should be addressed.
  • In the third stage, the official letter of invitation to the guest must be presented with the letter of the seal and the signature of the company’s CEO.
  • In the fourth stage, the official newspaper of the country should be presented along with the changes.
  • In step 5, scan the image and provide a passport identification card.
  • In the sixth step, the visitor’s colorful and transparent image must be presented.
  • In the seventh and last step, a copy of the host country card must be delivered (the copy provided must be on both sides).

  • Iran visa for pilgrims

One of the thirty types of visa is Iran, issuing it for pilgrims. Iran is considered a good haven for pilgrimage trips to foreign nationals. Mashhad, as well as Qom, are pilgrimages to the holy cities. People who are willing to travel to Iran’s holy cities of Mashhad, Qom and Tehran travel to such places as visas, such as tourist visas, and it is worth mentioning at that time in Iran.

According to the plans, if a person enters the country individually, according to the rules of Iran, he must take steps to leave Iran in due time. If he travels to Iran, he must comply with the principles and laws of Iran in the case of tour entry to Iran.

  • General information for obtaining Iranian visas for students

Educational visa is another type of visa for Iran. Since many students are interested in studying in the cities of Qom and Mashhad, obtaining Iranian visas for these people is necessary and necessary. Of course, there are people who are willing to continue to study in Iran’s universities who need to provide evidence of Iran’s educational visa. The following documents are required to obtain the Iranian Student Visa.

  • Student records, and then they should print and receive the tracking code.
  • Confirmation of the documents in a sealed manner, by a system called Tak, in which case a printed copy of the code should be taken.
  • Completing and submitting a questionnaire that is referred to as a consular file from this form.
  • Submitting and completing a student questionnaire
  • Completing and presenting student status
  • Completion and submission of scholarship exemptions

The above mentioned cases are steps in obtaining a study visa in Iran that a person intending to study in one of the Iranian cities should provide all of them.

  • How to get a visa in Iran unobtrusively

If you are outside the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and intend to apply for an Iranian Student Visa, you can do this with the help of friends and relatives. First, take a scan from your passport page and send it to your friends in Iran via email or telegram.

Now, considering your intention to study in which cities in Iran, a trusted person should apply for a visa in two ways. The first is when you intend to study in Mashhad, he needs to fill out a visa form at the Consulate of Mashhad, located at Ferdowsi University, and pay the application form there. In the second method, if you are applying for a visa to study in Tehran and other Iranian cities, your trusted person must complete the application form by paying a visit to the student organization and pay the amount. (The names of cities are listed merely as an example.)

Frequently Asked Questions on Iran’s Student Visa Acceptance by Citizens of Afghanistan

There may be questions in the minds of people intending to immigrate to study in Iran, in which two of them will be presented in this paper:

The first question is, should any kind of blood tests be given to obtain an education visa in Iran, or do you need to do this? In answering this question, it should be stated that for testing in some cases, there are different circumstances that are not needed for those who live in Afghanistan and in Kabul.

The second  Question is the need to visit Kabul to receive a visa from the Iranian government’s consulates in Afghanistan. In response, it should be stated that if you encounter any problems with obtaining a visa, your trusted person can complete the steps and if you have received your visa, then there is no problem and you do not need to go to Kabul.

  • Iran visa conditions

Iran’s visa is valid for three months, and passengers can be present for thirty days in Iran, but if they are renewed, they will be able to increase this period by more than 60 days by calling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It should be noted that most people traveling to Iran are entitled to four types of tourist visas, business visas, multiple visas and country visas for obtaining visas from Iran.

As mentioned in the previous discussions, countries like Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Bolivia can travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran without a visa without Iran, but each of these countries can, without a specific number of days, Receiving visas in Iran, for example, the people of the Syrian people can go to Iran for a period of ninety days without a visa, if this time for 20 days for Egypt and for Azerbaijan will be reduced by 15 days. This item is part of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and foreign nationals should observe it when traveling to Iran.

  • Iran visa and multivariate visa

Multivariate visa is a large-scale visa application, with nationals planning to travel to Iran. Getting a visa for such individuals from the age of ninety to one year means that getting such visas for a traveler is also expensive, while at the same time wasting less for Iran’s visas. In order to receive a multi-country visa, the traveler must submit the following documents:

  • For give it In order to obtain a visa from Iran, the first letter of the official approval of the CEO of the invitation company, signed and sealed by him, must first be submitted to the State Department to invite the traveler requested, with the letterhead of the company, as well as the reason for the invitation.
  • Passport and passport, which has a six month validity period, should be made from the front page of anchored copy quality color.
  • Copies of passport pages that have entered Iran during the past year
  • A color-coded copy must be provided from the front page of the host ID.
  • The referral code for this visa will be slightly longer than the tourist visa.