Iran Travel

Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran is a country in the southwest of Asia and in the Middle East. The official name of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its capital is Tehran. The country’s greatest is 1, 648, 195 square kilometers (eighteenth on the planet), and as shown by the latest figures, it has around 74 million people, and consistently around 1 million people are added to the country’s masses. Iran as a land and a certain nation It is out of date and a champion among the most imperative countries on earth.

Race and talk

Iran today has various factions including Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Lor, Bakhtiari, Baloch, Mazandaran, Gilak, Qashqai, Arab, Lak, Taleshi, Turkmen, Khalaj, Assyri, Keldani, Mandaean (Sabih), Tate, Georgian, Sistani, Armenian. , And Jewish.

There are around 75 tongues ​​and vernaculars in Iran. The greatest etymological social affairs in Iran are Farsi, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Turkmen, Gilaki, Mazandaran, Khalaji, Taleshi, Lori, Bakhtiyari, Arabic, Baluchi, Laki, Dilami, Tati, Armenian, Assyrian, Mandaean, Georgian, Hebrew, Chaldian and …


Since 2006, visas are issued at the air terminal for voyagers and countries that can get visas at the air terminal, in the event that they have a photo thing and $ 50 including: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Colombia Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, North Korea (Republic of Korea), South Korea (Republic of Korea), Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Luxembourg Borg, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, who overall can not get visas from the plane terminal for more than seven days. For a period of more than seven days, they ought to apply for a visa for more than seven days before entering Iran. Take a progressively broadened time.

In the accompanying couple of months, the visa should be sent to Tehran for restoration of the visa and energized. Once in a while you can have extra time at your visa. If you have gotten one month visa in your country, you can get a second visa for up to 3 months. For women, their visa photo must be with a scarf.

In less than 72 hours, tourists can apply for a visa just by achieving the Iranian Foreign Ministry site, in the wake of filling in the required fields, you will be given a code, after which you can total the visa and state it. At Imam Khomeini International Airport, you ought to get your visa or one of the movement business establishments in the country of beginning stage.

You needn’t mess with any visas to enter the great and guest island of Kish, and you can stay up to 14 days on this charming island.

Connect by means of plane by means of plane

Imam Khomeini International Airport is discovered 30 km south of Tehran, and other than Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz and Esfahan are step by step direct flights from various countries.

There are direct flights from Dubai to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Lar, Mashhad, Tabriz, Kish Island, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Zahedan.

To go to various urban networks in Iran, Imam Khomeini plane terminal will reach Mehrabad Airport inside 30 kilometers and after that fly to various bits of the country.

By means of train from Turkey

From Istanbul, Turkey readies every week, and after Ankara and going near the Van Lake, gets in contact in Iran, stopped in Tabriz and goes to Tehran. It will take 69 hours to accomplish Tehran from Istanbul to Tehran, equivalent to three nighttimes.

Tabriz-Van: Separately, from Tehran’s line of Istanbul, it moves every week among Tabriz and the city of Turkey.

From syria

This train does not go from Iraq to Damascus. It stays in Turkey, and subsequently to Iran, and after that to Iran, this course from Damascus to Tehran takes around 54 hours, similar to 2 nighttimes.

from Afghanistan

The course of the Tehran – Herat train is being worked on. Starting at now, it is set up from Mashhad to Khaf (K), near the Afghan edge.

From Iraq

The direction of the Khorramshahr railroad line – Basra is being prepared and interfacing Iran to the Iraqi railways, including Karbala and Najaf. Clearly, the iron line will similarly relate Kermanshah to Khanqin.

From pakistan

Kut – Zahedan: This first and fifteenth line goes to Zahedan every month, which endures 11 hours, and after Zahedan you will likewise go to different pieces of Iran, where the closest urban areas are the authentic city of Bam and Kerman, which has stupendous attractions.

From Azerbaijan

Nakhchivan – Tabriz, which moves from Nakhchivan, goes to the Khalif bordertown and after that comes to Tabriz. This course was recently utilized for the Moscow-Tehran railroad, which was shut after the war among Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Baku Railways to the Azerbaijani fringe, which you can take to Astara and go for a stroll along the outskirt with Iran, is booked to achieve Tehran-Zanjan-Rasht railroad line.

From Turkmenistan

There is a train from Mashhad to Sarakhs every day. This train does not go any further and the line changes. From Ashgabat and Marv you can achieve this territory.

Via vehicle

There are many individuals driving among Turkey and Iran. There are additionally superb thruways in Iran. You just need a worldwide testament or make good on government obligations, however on the off chance that you give your endorsement to an organization, internationalize it. What’s more, particularly in Persian, it will be extremely valuable to you.

By transport from Armenia

Great transports originate from Yerevan to Tabriz and the greater part of them go to Tehran.

From turkey

You can venture out to Tehran from Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya by buying tickets from Siri and Travel, which costs about $ 35.

The busiest business voyager gets to the outskirt very rapidly and effectively by transport from the base of the street and passes by taxi to the Bus Terminal Bus Terminal and ranges to different areas.

Van – Orumiyeh conveys around 300 km to Urumia in over 6 hours from the tub. The reason is the expansion in the length of the wrong streets of Turkey and in excess of 5 checkpoints on the Turkish side, because of the powers of the PKK will be finished

From pakistan

You can go to Taftan Point in favor of Pakistan and afterward you won’t be given a visa to Iran’s Zahedan Iran along the outskirt of Iran and you should get it from Kut or different spots. At that point result in these present circumstances spot and after that from Zahedan to the recorded urban areas of Bam, Kerman and Yazd. go

From Iraq

Day by day from Erbil to Urumia and from Sulaimaniyah to Sanandaj and Kermanshah

from Afghanistan

Once a day, from Herat to Mashhad, you move from Herat to Islam, and you achieve the fringe of the Dukharon and from Mashhad this street is worked by Iran and announced safe.

From Turkmenistan

From Ashkhabad to Bushtan to Mashhad.

By ship

From Baku to Bandar-Anzali, the ship moves from the Persian Gulf urban areas to Iran at low costs.

Extravagance ships fly from Kish to Dubai, and Kish Island does not need a visa

Additionally from Bandar Abbas, other than the plane, the ship likewise goes to Dubai and Sharjah and goes from Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain to Bushehr.

inside the nation

Transportation is at an abnormal state, and the cost of airplane in Iran is less expensive and transportation in Iran is entirely available.

with plane

The plane is flying from different pieces of Tehran and you can fly with various kinds of airplane. The Iranian national carrier is Iran Air, and as a rule you can without much of a stretch book tickets at the airplane terminal or traveler organizations, aside from in the late spring, fly most of flights in Iran can be bought, yet it can likewise be given in different pieces of Dubai and Iran Air.

by transport

Iran’s transport transportation is a lot less expensive than somewhere else on the planet, and quick, transports make a trip as much as 100 kilometers for each hour, for instance, achieving Mashhad for around 20 hours from Shiraz.

There are a couple of transports. You can buy tickets from your work environments and your terminal, and you won’t have an issue with the mid year.

There are similarly city transports, in some of them you have to pay some money when riding or getting off, and some need to take a ticket and sit in the vehicle.

through train

You are using the Raja train association to most bits of Iran from Tabriz to Zahedan from Mashhad to Ahwaz and from Gorgan to Band Abbas. It has various ideal conditions to being shielded and shoddy, similarly as charming, with various pilgrims, similarly as various guests. Eat a variety of sustenances You can buy train tickets from a month earlier and if you buy from the Internet you will have a refund.

The city train (metro) is in like manner arranged in Tehran and is being worked in various urban networks. The Tehran metro trains interface the east, west, south and north to each other.

by taxi

You can without a lot of a stretch get a taxi in urban networks and between urban networks.

By means of vehicle

You can without quite a bit of a stretch and with an overall oil grant, you can scrutinize the whole of Iran, or even rent it, reaching out from $ 20 to $ 50, vehicle rental, roadways, and thoroughfares driving in excess of 160 kilometers for consistently.



The official language is Farsi, and in various spots it is known and many can talk at any rate English as well, especially in the tremendous urban territories, especially in the vacationer city of Isfahan and Kish guest island. It should be seen that some verbally communicated vernaculars ​​also talk particular tongues. It will in general be Azeri, Kurdish and Baluchi, and … regardless, the Persian is known by most by far.


The Iranian money is the Iranian Rial, anyway the general populace diminishes a unit to one unit and perspectives it as what could be contrasted with 100 Rials, corresponding to 10 USD.


From lunch to 1 pm to 3 pm, dinner is served from 9am.

Alcohol and pork are similarly blocked in Iran.

For the people who go to Iran from outside the Middle East, they will see hypnotizing sustenances that are very interesting, like kebabs. Rice is essential in Iran and it is cooked with different things. Nibbled rice is called Chloe and cooked with Chloe kebab meat, they make chicken and call it Chalomirgh, mix it with herbs and make it a vegetable dumplings And the boogie say.

The soup for the Persians is generally called the delectable and interesting.

There are also extraordinary breads that are fascinating with breakfast and white cheddar, for instance, Sangak Bread, Taftoon and Lavash, and quality bread particularly made in Azerbaijan, which is consistently known as barbari.

General nourishment

A collection of Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and veggie sweetheart dishes are cooked in Tehran and the huge urban zones in various diners.

Shoddy Food – Fast Food

Various sorts of speedy sustenances, including sandwiches and pizza, are made, and at lunch and dinner time, there are sandwiches with an expense of 10,000 rials, and there are moreover 20,000 riyals.

Results of the dirt

Various treats are discovered everywhere and there are sweet things with a couple of nuts in Isfahan, which is outstanding and called Gaz. Sohan is furthermore a firm thing with pistachio grains, which is in Qom. There is furthermore a home-made thing with taste of different sorts. There are natural items called lavash and are eaten as thin sheets.

Veggie lover sustenances

Serving of blended greens with lettuce is seen as a plate of blended greens season, similarly as the splendid stuff that is made with pea and Falafel. This Arabic sustenance is a captivating sustenance with the vegetable called Coco cooked in oil, which is cooked without meat and contains vegetables and high water.

Iranian cooking is sound and all of them are lawful according to Islam.


The well known Iranian refreshment is tea, which is eaten with sugar pieces that they are called sugar, and coffee is moreover found in Iran, and besides French and non-coffee beans are found.

Sorts of tasty natural item squeezes are sold in various streets that state juice and the quintessence of the regular item is called cranberry juice or tartar, and another refreshment that is a mix of milk and banana, which is seen as a milk shrimp.

There are distinctive carbonated beverages that are most generally open in various countries.


A grouping of lodgings are discovered, similarly as lower-level motels that are called inn and guest house.


prosperity tips

In Iran, the bad behavior is low and it is more secure than various Western countries. Be mindful at spots, for instance, Zahedan Zabul, anyway don’t give cautious thought to the news in light of the way that their family, who are generally Baluchi, are really approachable and help vacationers, especially in case they are from spots other than Iran, just get-togethers are the issue. Where do you smoke sedate areas, yet endeavor to test these people yourself and wonder about their settlement? Without a doubt, even in territories like Isfahan, which are said to oblige, you will see more noteworthy neighborliness. Clearly, in the southern bit of Sistan and Baluchestan, the city of Chabahar That is outstandingly protected.

Iranians are not negated to Western and American states. The realities affirm that they express that the trademark “End to the United States” isn’t backwards, and if you oversee them, it may be that each one needs to help you by somehow or demonstrate to you some place. Do whatever it takes not to dread such people to hurt you

Do whatever it takes not to take the likelihood of ​​a military country by any stretch of the creative energy, and catch anyone at any moment. It is definitely not a disrespect for you. In case you have not supported social events outside Iran, you won’t fear just models.


There is no gigantic difference between women in Iran and distinctive bits of the West. Women like men can go wherever they go and even dress like the West, and many seek after and place stock in Islamic hijab.

For any prerequisite for emergency number 115 and the necessity for police to 110 and call for fire to 125, think of them as something like to some degree not exactly Persian, English.

Prosperity tips

Know uncommon water in issue zones, for instance, Yazd, Zahedan, Chabahar, Hormozgan and Bushehr.

Thankfulness me

The Iranians are warm and altruistic and they help outcasts in any way.

The Iranians respect their history and don’t state at all to the Persian Gulf, the Gulf, or the Arab Gulf explicitly, in light of the way that they are vexed.

Do whatever it takes not to scrutinize them in words like Arab or Muslim since they are not Arabs and Islam isn’t equivalent to various spots, for example, are not under any condition like repository Laden.


Ladies should wear their own hair with their headscarves and their wrists and their lower legs. You may be encouraged to go to the tent when entering religious spots of the Muslims.

Men can not oblige shorts.


In case you experience an Iranian couple, just hand your very own sex and never do that with your other sex. When you hammer into a couple, look at your own one of a kind eyes.


Iranians are very obliging, state, when they land in a room, say the important thing you do, for example, paying little mind to whether an Iranian worker who completes an obligation regarding you gets his rights at the time.

Iranian guests are in like manner complimented while paying for their hotel. He says that we are guests, or if you buy or even pay someone else’s costs, express that I pay, which is best to thank.

Radiant spots

They are not incomplete and they have to exhibit to you their holy places and turn out to be progressively familiar with you. Ladies should wear a tent and pass on their shoes to you. It’s typical practice to bring shoes to most homes, and it may be a disapproval to you since they similarly care about cleaning.

Flawless religious spots like the urban zones of Qom and Mashhad are amazing, similarly as mass supplications, especially on Fridays, which are called Friday petitions.

Sixty finger is a finger picture in the midst of the West. Never show a finger to anyone, similarly as the vehicle driver when you get your ticket.


They detest aficionado Muslims, and since they have lived with Armenian and Jewish Christians already, they also respect others, and even Islamic dresses are respected by non-Muslims.

Song – Music

You may be asked by a driver in a taxi that you like what music you like and the most recent and varying ones available to you.

area code

The pre-number is Iran 0098 and the pre-amounts of Tehran 021 Isfahan 0311, Kashan 0361, Ahvaz 0611, Shiraz 0711, Tabriz 0411, Mashhad 0511 and Kerman 0341.

Irancell PDAs and the first are uncommonly sensible and battery-controlled for explorers. Iran’s SIM cards in like manner have GPS capacities and you can get to the web and peruse your email.

Iranian web growth: .ir